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Embrace the Challenge, by Matthew Romans

We face many challenges during the course of our daily lives. These can include raising children, excelling at one's occupation, or learning to speak a new language. If you have a growth mindset, life will always present challenges; only those with a fixed mindset are content the way they are. If you have a desire to improve your health and fitness, then it's important to have a growth mindset and formulate a plan of action of how to achieve your goals, but it's also necessary to understand that nothing of value comes easily. You must be willing to embrace the challenge.

Proper exercise is supposed to be demanding. Simply put, it's expected to be hard, not easy. Your body is a very efficient and logical entity; it will do everything that it can to maintain the status quo and conserve resources. This means that in order to elicit physical and metabolic improvements, a very intense stimulus needs to be provided to the body. The Total Results exercise protocol is the most intense form of exercise on the planet, yet it is also the safest and most efficient way to stimulate positive benefit while avoiding injury. This is the stimulus that we need.

If you have ever been in a commercial gym, it's interesting to observe how most people perform weight training exercises. Most bodybuilders and gym rats do not work very intensely. They usually move with a fast rate of speed during each exercise, spend long periods of time between each set of exercise, and workout far too long and too frequently. Subconsciously (or because they have been misled by the wrong information) they think that a greater volume and frequency of exercise will make up for a lack of intensity of effort. They couldn't be more wrong. Most bodybuilders are very genetically gifted; they look the way they do in spite of their training habits rather than because of them. They are not ready to embrace the challenge! This approach won't work for the vast majority of people; trying to train using conventional methods will usually lead to stalled progress, frustration, illness, and injury.

It is much more challenging (and beneficial) to utilize the Total Results exercise protocol that emphasizes complete focus of mind and body, slow speed of movement, and careful change of direction, with the goal of achieving momentary muscular failure on each exercise. Having the necessary focus is difficult, but you only need to maintain that focus for twenty minutes per workout. You can do it; just take it one repetition at a time. Focus on the present rather than the future, and try to shut everything else out of your mind during your workout. While only masochists would truly enjoy the discomfort that comes with intense muscular effort, try to embrace and celebrate the accomplishment that this discomfort symbolizes. Your mental toughness will improve, as your tolerance for discomfort will increase over time. There are not many things in this world that are more physically demanding than the Leg Press exercise.

Weekly Total Results exercise is a challenge, but one that is extremely worthwhile for your mind and body. Twenty minutes, once or twice per week, can change your life and give you a level of confidence that you never thought possible. Embrace the challenge and commit yourself to giving your best mental and physical effort each and every workout. Your success is truly up to you!

Posted April 14, 2020 by Tim Rankin