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About Total Results

Total Results began in 2001 in original owner, Tim Rankin's garage. Since then, we have performed tens of thousands of sessions and helped hundreds of clients acheive their health and fitness goals. We continue to work with clients of all ages, sizes, shapes and conditions. It is our passion to help clients become the best they can be, and our clients come from all over Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland and even Pennsylvania to get the best workout in the mid-atlantic!

While we exclusively utilize a high intensity exercise protocol originally developed for Osteoporosis patients, we are experts at customizing routines to account for absolutely any type of injury or other condition. Additionally, anyone in the general population who is looking for the best, science based exercise routine, and who wants to avoid unnecessary injury, look no further!

We hope you will consider Total Results for all your fitness needs. We can't wait to hear from you!

Meet the Total Results Team