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The Total Results Workout


Can you really get all the exercise you need in just 20 minutes, once or twice per week? When you exercise intensely, to the point of momentary muscular fatigue, you are giving your body all the stimulus it needs, both in your muscular and cardiovascular system. Following that stimulus, our bodies need recovery time. The benefits to exercise accrue in the days following the workout, assuming adequate rest and nutrition. Our program will help you get stronger, build endurance and stamina, and improve your metabolism. The stimulus of exercise should be thought of like a medicine. We are looking for the minimum effective dose to stimulate benefits. Any more than that and it can be toxic to your body (ex. overtraining, compromised immune system, overuse injuries, etc.)


At Total Results, we utilize an exercise protocol that is unique in the industry. We combine the high intensity necessary for proper stimulus with low force, slow motion movements that can be performed safely by anyone. We also have developed expertise over tens of thousands of client sessions to customize our exercises to account for any injury or other condition. From clients with severe joint derangements to senior citizens to teenage athletes and everyone in between, at Total Results you can be assured of the safest exercise protocol in existence. Do not risk your health anymore with exercise programs that have a high risk of injury, and only minimal benefits.


What do we all want from an exercise program? Improved muscle strength. Increased muscle definition. Higher metabolism. Improved health markers (ex. resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, higher HDL cholesterol, improved insulin sensitivity, stronger bones, fat loss). At Total Results, all of these goals can be achieved through our unique program. If clients commit to just three simple principles, they can be their best in a matter of months and maintain a high level of fitness for many years. Those three principles are: commit to once or twice weekly 20 minute workouts, eat real food in moderation, and maintain an active lifestyle (ex. walk, golf, hike, tennis, yard work, etc.) Thats it! Simple and yet amazingly effective. The professionals at Total Results will help coach you in each of these principles and you will be on your way to a better quality of life!