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Great Workout, Great Results!

It is not often in life that we find a perfect fit. Whether it is a relationship that is seamless and easy, or just the right diet combination that makes you feel focused and energetic, or an exercise program that perfectly fits your lifestyle and rewards you with lifelong benefits. Back in 2000, I was out of shape and in search of some type of exercise that would get and keep me fit with a minimum time commitment, due to my work and family responsibilities. Serendipitously, I stumbled upon this 20 minute high intensity, slow movement, weight training program. It sounded too good to be true, but at the same time the logic and science behind it sounded reasonable.

I started the program in early 2001 and from the very first workout I knew this was going to be different than anything I had ever tried before. Coming from an athletic background I was no stranger to demanding physical effort, but I also knew I was in poor condition at the time (10+ years of corporate life with all the lunches and drinks and dinners and none of the exercise discipline required). Each workout, my muscles quivered and shook, my energy was temporarily drained and I sometimes had to sit and recover for 10-15 minutes prior to driving home. Slowly but steadily, I gained strength and started seeing some definition in my body. This inspired me to improve my diet and I started off with a low carb, Atkins type diet, which was popular at the time (I have evolved my thinking on this and will share more in future posts). Excess fat started to melt away, and over the course of a year or so, I lost 30 unneeded pounds. I have easily maintained my body weight for over 16 years within a 5 pound range. I had such great results, I saw this as way to help others achieve lifelong health and fitness and I opened Total Results a year later.

Perhaps more important than a body I am happy with at the beach or in slim fitting clothing are the health markers that improved and have stayed in great ranges over all these years. My resting heart rate is still about 50 bpm, my blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol levels are ideal, and I am still able hike and bike and participate at a high level in most physical endeavors, even though I have old knee and back injuries that would severely limit most people. I also know I am attaining great metabolic benefits such as improved Insulin sensitivity and the conversion of fatty acids to energy (ie. burning fat).

All this and you would think I had to commit thousands of hours of time running or on the tread mill and at the gym, as well as mantaining a highly restrictive diet all the while. If you thought that, you would be wrong. I have spent less than 30 minutes per week exercising and follow a roughly 80/20 rule for eating well. Most "exercisers" spend more time at the gym in just one year than I spent in the last fifteen years COMBINED! Yet, I am as strong, healthy, and physically able as anyone in my age range; in fact, more so than all but maybe 5% of elite athletes.

Make no mistake, this workout is hard. It takes a lot of mental focus as well as great physical effort. From Teenagers all the way up to people in their Nineties, Total Results clients work their tails off. It is not something that most clients, even our most dedicated 10+ year clients, look forward to each week. But like me, they see and feel and understand the benefits. They know that this workout is special and that the results are amazing!

My story is only one anecdote. However, we have supervised and documented tens of thousands of workouts with hundreds of clients at Total Results over the years, and the positive results cross all boundaries of age, gender, initial fitness level or any other variable. Those who are willing to commit, on a regular basis, to this brief but intense routine, just once or twice per week, can see results equal to, if not greater than, my own amazing transformation.

If you are looking for an answer to a slow but noticeable loss of bodyshape, energy, stamina, or strength that you enjoyed at a younger age, I urge you to come talk to us. If you want to get stronger but are afraid of aggravating an injury, please give us a call. If you just want to lose 20 pounds and fit back in your smaller size clothes, you owe it to yourself to come experience the program that has safely, and efficiently helped so many others over the years!

Total Results offers a truly great workout, and if you committ to it, you, like me, will achieve truly great results!

Posted April 09, 2017 by Tim Rankin