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So you are thinking of starting to weight train at Total Results but have concerns

Earlier this month, I tried out a sport I had never done before. I was a complete novice. I felt nervous, awkward, and incompetent. Luckily, I sought professional instruction. I took a course from an expert in the field. I learned a lot and was encouraged to continue with further practice and education. I was reminded of other times in my life where I had to learn new skills, such as Scuba diving, learning to function in a foreign country, and even when I first started high intensity weight training workouts. This new sport I tried helped me regain an appreciation for the questions and concerns a new client at Total Results, especially a novice to weight training, can have.

I began working out using high intensity weight training in 2001. I was out of shape and had spent years in the corporate world sitting at a desk, not eating particularly well, and wondering how I was going to change my path to one of good health and fitness. After reading about this type of exercise, I decided to try it out. In the beginning, I was very much a novice. My form was not good, I had a tendency to feel panicky as fatigue set in, and I was exhausted and occasionally nauseous post workout. Although I had some doubts, I kept at it and kept listening to my instructor. Over time, my form improved, I started to notice some physical changes, and I was developing more strength and energy. My skills were improving and I gained confidence in performing this workout, as evidenced by the reduced amount of verbal instruction I was receiving.

Years later, my knowledge and competence in high intensity workouts is quite high. Not only have I worked out almost every week for 18 years using this method, I have also instructed tens of thousands of sessions for many hundreds of clients. Like every new client here, however, I appreciate how it feels to start something completely new and unfamiliar. A Total Results, we assume every client is brand new to weight training (and even new to exercise). We start all clients at very conservative resistance levels and we explain every step of every exercise. We "practice" until technique is near perfect before we increase the difficulty. We take time to answer any and all questions. In fact, we have both formal and informal progress check-ins with every client. We work within the scope of each individual's physiological and mental abilities. We work with both female and male clients in every age group. We work around and through both acute and chronic injuries. We work hard to make sure you get the safest, most efficient, and most effective workout and program possible, all while being mindful that this program may be new and strange and even a little scary to you.

So, if you are on the fence about starting an exercise program because you are nervous, or unsure of the concept of personal training, or afraid you won't know how to do it, please take the leap and contact Total Results. We will guide you every step of the way toward a better you!

Posted June 20, 2018 by Tim Rankin