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Better, Stronger, Faster, Smarter!

What if I told you doing just this one thing could make you stronger, better looking, smarter, and actually younger! And it only required 30 minutes per week of your time! You probably wouldn't believe me. You might say is sounds too good to be true . You would think its a scam. Just another fad!

But what if was true? What if it wasn't a scam at all. What if science backed it up and thousands have already seen these amazing results. Would you invest a little of your hard earned money and commit just 30 minutes per week to look better, have better cognition, to be objectively younger, and of course 100% or more stronger than you are now?

Well, it is not a scam. The Focused Training we offer at Total Results provides you with all these benefits and more!! All of this in just one or two 20-minute, personalized, private exercise sessions per week.

How does our program do all this with such a small investment of time?

First, we challenge your skeletal muscles to grow larger and stronger by stressing them, albeit safely, to the point of temporary fatigue. Then, perhaps just as critical, we allow the muscles 3-7 days recovery and adaptation time. Assuming adequate sleep and nutrition, your body will grow stronger every week and month. Within six months to one year, you can expect to be at least 50 percent stronger across most of your body, and that is just the beginning!

As your skeletal muscles grow stronger, the increased lean muscle mass on your body will be beneficial in several ways. You will increase the definition of your muscles and you will increase your basal metabolism (the amount of calories you burn every day). When combined with healthy eating, you will lose unnecessary body fat and the newly increased muscle definition will actually show. You will look more beautiful with a stronger, leaner body. You will be more free in the clothing you choose. You will be more attractive to yourself and also to your significant others.

Not only will you look better, your cognitive abilities will improve. Challenging muscular exercise like we do at Total Results reduces insulin resistance, which according to Dale Bredesen in his book "The End of Alzheimer's, is a contributor to dementia and Alzheimer's. Bredesen also says exercise can actually increase the size of the hippocampus, the key region for memory. This exercise also increase vascular function which is important for brain health, and it reduces stress and improves sleep, both of which can reduce inflammation and increase cognition and mental focus. (Look for an upcoming post on details of how this exercise program can improve brain function).

As you get stronger, better looking and even smarter, you will also see improvement in the most common physiological markers of aging. Your resting heart rate will decrease. Your blood pressure will normalize. Your blood glucose levels will stabilize. Your body fat percentage will reduce. Your bone density will likely increase. This exercise program is as close as you can get to an actual Fountain of Youth. While you can not stop the clock from ticking, you can have the body and mind of someone many years your junior,and you can largely maintain that into old age.

Those of you over the age of 45 may remember the mid 1970's television series, The Six Million Dollar Man, starring Lee Majors. Majors' character survived a test aircraft crash and was "rebuilt" using $6 million worth of technology ($34 million in 2018 dollars). The opening sequence of the show featured a voice over that said "We can rebuild him...Better than he was before...Better, Stonger, Faster!" I borrowed this last phrase for the title of this post because we can make you better, stonger, and faster than you were before. We can even go beyond that and make you smarter and younger! Don't worry, it will not cost you anywhere close to $34 million! It takes some investment on your part in time and money, but the benefits of Total Results' focused, private, safe exercise routine are too important to pass up. You cannot afford to spend the rest of your life overweight, out of shape and unhealthy. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to be the absolute best you can be. A key ingredient of being the best you can be is once or twice per week workouts at Total Results.

Do not put your future off any longer! Start today! Remember, Our Mission is your Amazing!

Posted January 16, 2019 by Tim Rankin