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The Best Exercise Experience Money Can Buy - by Matthew Romans

Not all exercise experiences are created equal. Few people in the mainstream fitness industry actually know what true exercise is; they usually mistake activity for exercise. At Total Results, we provide the best exercise experience money can buy.

If you go into a commercial gym, you will probably find it overcrowded, hot, and full of distractions. There will be music blaring in the background, bright lights, mirrors, and conversations going on in the workout area. Worse yet, you're liable to observe gym members who think they know something about exercise doing all kinds of things that are at best unproductive, and at worst, completely unsafe and idiotic. Dealing with all these distractions is difficult enough, but figuring out on your own which machines to use, in which order and with the proper amount of intensity is next to impossible. If you should inquire about the services of a "personal trainer", you'll probably meet someone with minimal experience, little knowledge of anatomy, physiology, or nutrition, and with a certification from an organization that gives weekend courses. These "trainers" can charge $60 or more per hour for their "services." Considering the questionable methodology that is used, this hardly seems like a sound investment.

You want to get stronger, feel better, protect yourself from injury, and be able to get the most out of life. These are all great reasons to begin a comprehensive exercise program. You've tried the traditional gym circus and it wasn't for you. What should you do? Call or visit Total Results. We have nearly 20 years of experience in helping people optimize their health and fitness. A seasoned exercise instructor can show you the hows and whys of our exercise philosophy, as well as regulate the variables of exercise frequency, intensity, and duration. Each Total Results exercise instructor is required to pass a rigorous certification exam (consisting of an oral, written, and practical section with a minimum of 80% proficiency on each). We value continuing education and regularly read up on new developments in exercise, nutrition, and medicine. Client safety is our foremost concern; this is something that is addressed during our initial consultation and is reinforced in every single exercise that is performed during a workout. This is a standard that you are not likely to find in a commercial gym.

Our exercise environment is also unmatched. We have a studio that is private (no more than two clients in the workout space at a time), distraction-free, and is cool, dry, and well-ventilated. Our exercise equipment is engineered specifically for our exercise protocol and cannot be replicated in a commercial gym or home studio. Most of our machines are cammed, which enables us to properly match strength and resistance throughout a range of motion (based on leverage factors), and we can customize seat settings to accommodate people of varying heights (our tallest client was 6'10" and our shortest client was 4'7").

The role of a Total Results exercise instructor is that of a teacher. We are teaching an exercise protocol that is very different from what most clients are accustomed to, so it is our job to communicate effectively and efficiently. This is certainly very evident in the first few sessions, but education is a continuous process. We initially select the exercises that are the easiest to learn, and as the client's proficiency with the protocol increases, we add or subtract exercises as necessary. We are experienced in working with and around a variety of injuries and physical limitations, and we select the exercises based on your needs. It's important for the instructor to be a "looming presence"; standing close enough to provide assistance if necessary, but also far enough away to observe all of the involved joints and not invade personal space. Form discrepancies should be corrected immediately and repeatedly; this is how clients become more proficient with proper form, speed of movement, and turnaround technique. Feedback is provided by the instructor during and after the workout, and we keep detailed records of every workout that is performed. Body composition, circumference, and weight measurements are taken within the first few sessions, and then taken again three or four months down the road; this way there are as many markers of progress as possible. We will also talk at length about proper nutrition and help you to stay on track.

You will work more purposefully, efficiently, and safely under the supervision of a Total Results instructor than you will on your own or with a "trainer." Exercise is an investment in yourself, and we want you to get your money's worth - every single time. Schedule your free initial consultation today!

Posted April 23, 2019 by Tim Rankin