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Why I Strength Train - by Matthew Romans

There are a multitude of reasons why every person on earth, at least from adolescence on up, should regularly perform high-intensity strength training. Everybody has their own good reasons to want to get stronger and healthier: to protect against or rehabilitate an injury, prepare for the rigors of sport, to improve their golf game, or to get in better shape so that they can be more active with their children or grandchildren. This is something that we explore in detail with prospective clients during a Total Results initial consultation; it helps the instructor get to know the client on a more personal level, and it also helps the instructor understand what will motivate the client to maximize their genetic potential.

Why do I regularly strength train? While I ultimately ended up pursuing a career in the exercise industry, my story is probably not that different from many of you. I'm a former college athlete who first became interested in weight training in the eighth grade, after I completed a unit in P.E. class. I started lifting weights regularly the following summer to prepare for the rigors of high school football, and continued all throughout high school and college, but I didn't truly gain an understanding of proper strength training until I was in my mid 20s. Once my college football career was over, my weight training workouts became sporadic. Like a lot of athletes, I looked at weight training as a means to an end and figured if I wasn't playing anymore, it wasn't that important to workout. It was when I got my first job in the exercise industry and started instructing clients that I really began to understand the importance of regular strength training workouts, and since I began studying the Total Results exercise philosophy in 2001, I have only missed a handful of weekly workouts.

What has regular strength training done for me? I am 43 years old and I have no major injuries or medical issues. Regular high-intensity workouts have enabled me to (until recently) play competitive flag football at a high level against younger athletes, when most of my high school and college teammates stopped playing years ago. Total Results exercise enables me to go hiking, take a trip to the zoo with my family, move furniture, perform household tasks, and pursue recreational sports of many varieties, all without feeling deconditioned or experiencing joint pain. I've been able to maintain a consistent body weight (within a range of a few pounds) and wear the same size clothes that I wore in my late 20s. While I am fortunate to have a propensity toward leanness in my family (my older brother is built similarly), none of this would be possible without a sound nutritional blueprint and regular high-intensity exercise. I perform one weekly workout consisting of six exercises, just like many of our once per week clients. While I don't necessarily look forward to my weekly workouts (a feeling to which many of our clients can relate), I know that's not a valid excuse to skip. Most of us don't enjoy mowing the lawn or brushing our teeth, but there will be negative consequences if we don't do it.

I have a responsibility to Total Results clients to practice what I preach. How can I expect clients to follow my instructions and give a great effort if I don't do the same? Our mission as exercise instructors is to educate our clients and give them the resources they need to succeed. You don't have to be an athlete or an exercise professional to reap the numerous benefits of proper exercise, and it's never too late to start. Every person has a story. We would love to hear yours!

Posted June 07, 2019 by Tim Rankin