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4 Steps to Reduce Your Healthcare Costs Today!

You have the right to care for your own health and wellness. You do not, however, have the right to neglect your health then force others to pay for your medical care. Some bureaucrats from the state or federal government may force others to subsidize your medical expenses, and the insurance industry works by healthy people paying for sick people, but that does not make it morally or constitutionally right, and it contributes to our current astronomical healthcare expenses. Unfortunately, many millions of Americans do just this - they eat poorly, they don't exercise, they don't sleep enough, they sit all day, and then they rely on medication and other medical interventions to manage their day to day health.

Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, many Cancers, Obesity, chronic pain, and other diseases and maladies of modern civilization are not pre-ordained. Most were highly uncommon just 50 years ago and did not even exist in pre-industrial cultures. Do you think you were meant to be sickly and in need of medical intervention most of your life? We surely would not have survived as a species this long if this high a percentage of people required pharmaceuticals just to get through a day. While a small percentage of people are born with genetic anomalies that cause disease, most of us have a very robust constitution, provided we don't abuse it.

While the spiraling costs of medical care in the United States are caused in no small part by government meddling and incompetence as well as corporate malfeasance, it is you who are the primary culprit. You are the one who has let yourself go, who eats and drinks too much, who sits indoors 15 hours a day, who doesn't keep your muscles strong, who has become dependent on the medical/insurance/government/big pharma complex.

Only you as an individual can reverse this state of affairs. Only you can take charge of your health and fitness. No one cares about your health as much as you! In our current economic and medical care environment, ONLY YOU can reduce your healthcare expenses and sever your dependence on the medical industry.

How can you do this? The following steps will free you physically and financially from your medical care bondage:

1. Get well! You do NOT want to be a guinea pig of the government/medical/big pharma troika. We don't yet know the long term consequences of many medications and medical procedures currently used by millions. You do not want to be visiting doctors more than you see friends and family, and popping pills on a daily basis (OTC or prescription). Get well. First, start eating better today. Stop eating garbage! You all know what foods are garbage. Most diet plans agree we must minimize excessive sugary foods (donuts, candy, soda, etc.) excessive high calorie, low nutrition foods (bagels, fast food, cereal, etc.), and cut out trans fats completely (partially hydrogenated fats found in most pre-packaged foods). Next, get off your butt! You must not sit all day. Get up. Walk around. Walk several miles every day. Rain or shine. We evolved to move. Sitting in front of screens all day goes against our evolutionary makeup. Your body atrophies. Next, strain your muscles at least once a week. Our ancestors did this naturally, climbing, lifting animal carcasses, hauling fire wood, etc. You don't do any of this, so you need to lift weights or you will be weak, frail, and probably osteoporotic. Finally, get some sleep! Turn off the television. Stop looking at Facebook and Instagram on your phone at night. You need 8 hours of sleep for your hormones to rebalance and your brain and body to operate at peak function. If you do all of this, you will have way less need for expensive medical intervention.

2. Opt out! Stop using your insurance plan and the medical industry as health maintenance. Insurance should be a risk management tool to hedge against large and unforseen financial loss. We have home insurance in case our house burns down, not to pay for a paint job or lawn maintenance. We have auto insurance in case we crash and need an expensive repair, not for oil changes and brakes. Likewise, once you get well, you do not need health insurance or the medical community for your day to day health needs. You only need insurance if a catastrophe happens (ex. Cancer, serious injury). Therefore, you can save a significant amount of money by opting for a high deductible medical care plan used primarily for absolute medical necessity.

3. Question Authority! Stop buying into big Pharma marketing and big government services and "guidelines". While there are many intelligent and well intentioned individuals in these organizations, they operate under perverse incentives. They are mandated to grow, sell more product, increase their services, and find more and more "customers". This necessitates you being unhealthy. Have you ever seen a pharmaceutical commercial say you could take their product, or you could just eat better and exercise more? Of course not. They need you to be impotent, sleep deprived, depressed, and overweight. Additionally, there are currently 74.8 Million people on Medicaid, compared to just 34.5 Million in the year 2000! Do you think this number will get any smaller? Of course not. That is not the nature of government. It is not in the interest of the "Authorities", either government or corporate, for you to be well. Question everything you see or hear from these organizations regarding health, medicine, drugs, nutrition, and exercise! Do your own research. Find your own solutions.

4. Maintain! Once you have gotten well, opted out of high priced health maintenance, and started questioning so called health authorities, the key becomes long term maintenance. You can't just go on a diet, lose weight, then once you lose it, go back to your previous unhealthy eating. All your weight, and more, will come right back. Likewise, you can't just exercise for a few months and expect lifetime results. You must make proper nutrition, daily movement, regular strength training, and a focus on great sleep constants in your life from here on out. This is the only way to avoid the medical/government/pharma leviathan. If you make habits out of these recommendations, you should expect to live longer on average than your peers and with a higher level of health and functional physical and mental abilities.

To conclude, medical expenses in this country are not decreasing any time soon. However, if you follow the steps outlined here, you can significantly cut your personal medical expenses way down, and at the same time improve your health, fitness and overall quality of life. The onus is on you. Do not wait for someone else to help you. Start today!

Posted June 07, 2019 by Tim Rankin