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The Perfect Day

How can you have The Perfect Day? I am not talking about the day when you meet your soul mate, or win the lottery, or get a new puppy, although those would be good days. I am talking about any day when you feel great physically, have lazer focus for whatever tasks you are undertaking, appreciate the people around you and the places you visit, and you are able to remain positive and energized all day.

1. The first thing you must do if you want to have perfect day is to start the night before:

You should eat a modest sized and healthy final meal of the day and try not to eat or drink anything else. My best practice is to stop all eating and drinking, with the exception of some water as needed, by 7pm. This leads to the next step: go to bed early!

I know different people are on different schdules and bed times can range from 9pm to midnight or later. I recommend you take your wake up time and get in bed at least eight hours before then (ex. if you wake at 6 a.m., be in bed by 10pm, even if you have to read for a bit before you are tired). By eating early and light and going to bed early you are giving your body it's best chance for a restorative, full night of sleep. Your hormone levels will balance, your brain and body will be rested and refeshed, and you will be ready for your perfect day.

2. Upon rising in the morning, there are several easy, quick steps you can take in the first hour of the day to set yourself up for perfection.

First, a few minutes of stretching is very beneficial to work out any tightness accumulated from the previous day and night, and get your blood flowing. I prefer a few modest yoga-type stretches, like an upward dog, downward dog, a pushup position bringing alternating legs forward for a stretch, and a standing position with arms straight above the head and palms together. I do each of these stretches for 10-20 seconds and that it all it takes to work out the kinks. Notice there is no hyperextenstion, no headstands, no unilateral loading of one side of the body. These are all easy to do and safe and you can do them in your own bedroom (or bathroom in my case) and within your own ability level.

Second, take a few minutes for quiet reflection or meditation. This can be in the shower, or sitting at the kitchen table with your coffee, or even better, getting outside for a few minutes. I am not good at meditation. I can't block all conscious thougths or come anywhwere close, but I don't think that matters as much as just having a few minutes of calm and quiet, where you are not driving, talking, working, exercising or are otherwise engaged. I find when I do this that I am more patient with myself and others as my day gets started.

Third, but still within the first hour of waking up, you have to move your body! I always stress that we move our bodies a lot, all day long, and first thing in the morning is no exception. Walk your dog, take a brief bike ride (even on your trainer), take a swim if you have a pool, etc. It does not have to be intense or exhausing at all. To the contrary, it should be an invigorating and energy building activity. The point is to get your blood flowing, heart pumping, joints moving, and brain working at an optimal level for the rest of the day.

The final first hour action you should take is to hydrate. This can be anytime in the first hour. Drink at least 8 ounces or more of filtered water. You have slowly dehydrated over the previous 8 hours and to be at maxmimum function, you have to rehydrate. I like drinking my water before I start my coffee, but you can do it right when you get out of bed, or on your way to work or anywhere in between.

3. Ok, we have taken the right steps the previous night and in the morning to have a perfect day. What can you to do to keep it going throughout the next 15-16 hours?

Eat right. Consume plenty of protein (fish, beef, poultry, eggs). Eat your vegetables. Minimize sugary food and drink. This can help mitigate blood sugar spikes which result in the secretion of hormones like insulin and cortisol gyrating wildly. Continue hydrating throughout the day. Try to stick with coffee, tea and water.

Get some sunlight if at all possible. Sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D which is critical for optimal functioning. Many millions of you are walking around deficient in Vitamin D. If you can't get sunlight, consider supplementation. I prefer Carlson's Vitamin D gels in the winter months.

Move about, at a low level, constantly! Most of you work at a desk much of the day. This is bad for your health. Get up every 30 minutes and walk around. Go outside. During lunch break or after your work day, play something, whether it is a roud of golf, a tennis match, climbing a tree, tossing a frisbee, ride a bike, etc. All these activities require movement, which is good for us mentally and physically. We evolved to move about at a low intensity much of the day, yet we spend countless hours sitting in front of a computer or television.

Once or twice per week, exercise intensely, then use the remaining days to recover and build. This will help make all your days easier. Easier to move around; easier to climb stairs; easier to bend; easier to lift things; easier to sleep, easier to slip up a little on your eating and moving.

Finally, spend quality time with people who bring you joy and less time with those who bring you down!

If you follow these steps, you will be able to have The Perfect Day, day after day! Start today!

Posted October 04, 2019 by Tim Rankin