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The Price of Optimal Health, by Matthew Romans

"There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. "

This is a popular phrase that has existed for decades, but where it originated is unknown. I first heard the phrase attributed to former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz when he was on the lecture circuit, but I later learned it was a central theme in Robert Heinlein's classic 1966 science fiction novel "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress." While we may not be able to give proper credit to the person who coined this phrase, we do know that the meaning and sentiment of the phrase are still viable today. You cannot get something for nothing; there is always a price to be paid and choices need to be made in order to gain something of value. In the field of exercise, tangible physical benefits and optimal health are what all of us desire. There is a price to be paid for these benefits, but it is probably less than you think.

Regular strength training is the most effective means of stimulating positive physical changes in your body. In fact, as Arthur Jones (founder of Nautilus) once said, "Nothing else is even a close second." Almost all of the so-called diseases of modern civilization (heart disease, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.) seem to have a corresponding loss of muscle associated with them. The only way to slow down or reverse this loss of muscle is to, as health and fitness author Mark Sisson says, "Lift heavy things once in a while." The Total Results exercise philosophy encapsulates this perfectly. Our methodology involves brief, infrequent, and intense workouts (no more than 20 minutes) with a great emphasis on safety and attention to detail. Strict form and a slow (10 seconds lifting and lowering the weight) speed of movement are paramount. The intensity of effort and focus required in each workout makes brief and infrequent workouts not just something we can get away with, but a necessity for continued progress. It's challenging, it's uncomfortable and often unpleasant, but it's also a biological requirement. You will accomplish more in one or two 20-minute sessions with us than you could possibly hope to achieve with traditional forms of activity.

Certainly, the physical benefits that one can achieve working with us are what the majority of people most readily notice (increased strength, improved body shape, increased energy, etc.), but I believe that the unseen benefits of Total Results exercise may outweigh those that are seen. These unseen benefits can include decreased blood pressure, lower resting heart rate, greater physical independence, less reliance on medication, and increased quality of life. As a result, this can mean lowering the costs of medical care and insurance, as well as staying largely outside of the chaotic medical system.

Part of our job as instructors is to motivate our clients, instill accountability in them, and keep them on track, but I find that the best motivation comes from within One must ask themselves how important an active life and optimal health are to them. If a person wants these things badly enough, they will do what is necessary to achieve them. This means making the sacrifices that will pay off in the long run: consistently getting to bed at a decent hour to ensure adequate sleep, making sound food choices, not cancelling workouts, not making excuses, and consistently giving their best effort in each workout. The blueprint is there; all that is required is the desire to follow through and execute it.

Twenty to forty minutes of exercise per week is a small time commitment, and the monetary cost is an investment in yourself. You can pay a little now, or you can pay a lot down the road; it's all within your control. How badly do you want optimal health and an active life in which the possibilities are limitless? Remember, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Get started with Total Results today.

Posted January 20, 2020 by Tim Rankin