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Personal Trainers vs Health and Fitness Teachers, by Matthew Romans

Think back to your days of formal schooling. I bet you can remember the name of at least one teacher whose class you really enjoyed, or a teacher that had a significant impact on you. I was fortunate to have several coaches and teachers (particularly in English and History) that made a lasting impression on me and fostered some lifelong interests. The definition of a teacher is "someone who provides education for pupils or students." An effective teacher is someone who can hold a person's interest, spark an intellectual curiosity, and convey information in a way that can be clearly understood. There should be an underlying philosophy or system in place, but it's also important for the teacher to adapt his or her approach to meet the needs of each individual student. This may not be practical in many learning environments (particularly in most state-run schools), but it is what we do at Total Results.

John Wooden, the famed basketball coach at UCLA, always saw himself as more of a teacher than anything else. Before he led the Bruins to ten NCAA titles in twelve seasons, he was an English teacher. Legend has it that on his business card it simply read "teacher." Wooden taught his players about the smallest details, even going so far as to teach them how to properly put on their socks and tie their shoes to avoid getting blisters. At Total Results people often refer to us as trainers (I've never really cared for the term), instructors, or health professionals, but I consider us to be teachers above anything else. In order to take yourself to the next level in any endeavor, you need someone to teach you how to get there. Many people may think they know what constitutes safe and effective exercise but they will not be able to achieve optimum benefit in minimum time without an instructor to teach them. We cut through the misinformation and give you the truth about exercise.

The teaching process begins with the initial consultation, which is free of charge and lasts an hour. We give you an overview of our exercise methodology, learn about your medical and exercise history, go over preliminary safety considerations, and instruct a sample workout. Our philosophy is something that is very different for most people, so we explain the hows and whys of everything that we do. Once you officially become a Total Results client, we will gradually introduce the beginning sequence of exercises that you will perform for the first several weeks. All of our instruction is one on one, so that we can devote all of our attention and focus to you during your session. Feedback is critical to the learning process; we give cues and make immediate corrections throughout your session so that you can maximize skill and achieve an optimal exercise stimulus. We will make modifications and adjustments to your exercise program to best meet your individual needs.

How can you optimize the teaching that you get at Total Results? Be a learner. We talk about this during the initial consultation, that you are learning something that, for most people, is relatively new. If you want to master something, the key is to never stop learning. Randy Rhoads was the legendary guitar player for Ozzy Osbourne's band before his life was cut short by a plane crash. He had achieved international stardom, played sold-out shows, and helped write some amazing songs, yet he sought out guitar teachers for lessons in nearly every city that he played. He was a guitar teacher himself, and he had a growth mindset because he wanted to completely master the instrument and get the most out of his ability. In exercise, mastery of proper form, speed of movement, turnaround technique, correct breathing, and the ability to focus on the task at hand will translate into optimal physical improvements. You will maximize your genetic blueprint.

Teaching and learning are a continuous process, and we are never satisfied with the depth of our knowledge. We continue to read and study new advances in science, and search for ways to more effectively communicate. Whether you are a beginning client or have been with us for ten years, we will continue to apply what we know to help you achieve your goals. The payoff for us is in seeing our clients take our teachings to heart and achieve the results they have always desired. Start your journey today.

Posted July 08, 2020 by Tim Rankin