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A Blueprint For Success

In order to succeed in any endeavor, you need to have a system in place that you can utilize for the long term. This is true in business, the pursuit of an education, and even in raising children. It's great to know what you want to achieve, but if you don't have a plan in place to get you to where you want to go, all the good intentions in the world will not help you. This scenario happens to many people who join gyms or start fitness regimens in January. They start out with all kinds of enthusiasm and positive energy, and many of them have an idea (realistic or not) of what they want to accomplish. The trouble is, they have no idea how to get there and no system in place; consequently, they often flounder and stop what they're doing by mid February.

At Total Results, we explain to our clients that their success is mostly dependent upon them, which means they are firmly in control of their own destiny. The first important step taken toward achieving something meaningful is having the desire to do so, but that isn't enough. We give you the tools (in terms of knowledge) and the guidance necessary to maximize your genetic potential. The Total Results exercise philosophy originated as an outgrowth of the old Nautilus philosophy of the 1970s, and has been refined and improved through trial and error and continuous study since we first opened our doors twenty years ago. Our blueprint for success is made up of four critical elements: exercise instruction, nutritional education, regulation of additional activities, and supplement recommendations.

Exercise instruction. Our exercise protocol is based on the classical sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as motor learning. We utilize a slow and controlled speed of movement (ten seconds lifting and lowering the weight) with an emphasis on precise change of direction. Exercises are selected that will provide the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time, with careful consideration given to any joint problems the client may be dealing with. Workouts are performed using specially engineered equipment made exclusively for our exercise protocol, and that combined with our clinically controlled environment enable the client to give their workout the proper amount of focus and intensity necessary to stimulate positive physical change. Total Results instructors are required to pass an extremely rigorous written, practical, and oral exam in order to certify, and must continue to learn and hone their craft going forward.

Nutritional guidance. We encourage clients to adopt a whole foods/evolutionary approach to nutrition in order to maximize their genetic blueprint and avoid chronic disease. The word accountability is stressed, and we talk about the importance of proper hydration, consuming plenty of healthy fats, protein, and fruits and vegetables, and avoiding the pitfalls of the traditional modern Western diet. Intermittent fasting (when you condense your time between first and last meals of the day) and all of its physiological benefits are regularly discussed.

Supplement education. If you are on one or more prescription medications for chronic conditions, our goal is to help you get off as many of them (or all of them) as soon as possible! Stay out of the health care (more appropriately, sick care) system by taking control of what you put into your body. Consume supplements such as Vitamins C and D, zinc, magnesium, fish oil, and (if you suffer from joint pain/arthritis) glucosamine and chondroitin. These supplements provide amazing benefits and have little or no side effects, unlike prescription medications.

Regulation of additional activities. We encourage clients to be active between sessions, but also to exercise sound judgement regarding intensity, frequency, and duration of extracurricular activities. The human body was designed to move, not sit still in one place all day long. That being said, no other form of activity is going to have the same systemic effect as a Total Results workout, and the human body has finite recovery resources. We want our clients to be active and get the most out of life, but also to experience continued progress and avoid unnecessary injuries.

The Total Results blueprint for success has been developed and refined after performing tens of thousands of one on one exercise sessions over the course of twenty years, and we continue to improve our knowledge so that we can get better and continue to provide you with the best exercise experience in the mid-Atlantic region. You can develop your own blueprint or system at home when it comes to managing stress and getting proper sleep, and this is something that we can help you with as well. Total Results instructors and clients form a combination that is both powerful and meaningful. If you would like to get started on your own blueprint for success, please contact us today.

Posted July 03, 2021 by Matthew Romans