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Don't Take Your Accomplishments for Granted

There is a tendency for many of us, in the course of our daily lives, to always look forward and think about what lies ahead. This is a healthy mindset to have, and it is the breeding ground for personal growth. It's important to know where you want to go, and to have a plan in place for how you want to get there. That being said, I also believe there is value in looking back at previous experiences, because learning from past successes (and especially failures) can help you to plot a steadier course ahead in the future. Our experiences shape the people that we are today, and you can look back on different periods in your life and track your emotional, intellectual, and physical progress. The progress that you have made over the years should be celebrated, and it's important to not take for granted all the things that you have accomplished.

Total Results clients have achieved some amazing results over the 20 years we have been in business. Some clients have simply improved their ability to perform activities of daily living with greater ease and less effort, while others have been able to run 5K races in a faster time. Still others are able to participate in recreational sports at a higher level and with reduced risk of injury, while other clients can enjoy their children and grandchildren without getting fatigued as easily. As people get stronger and achieve better conditioning, sometimes there is a tendency to forget what brought them to Total Results in the first place. Many novice clients are initially weak, deconditioned, and suffering from joint ailments. Most trainees can see some incremental improvements in these conditions within weeks or a couple of months. Once you have incorporated some lifestyle changes in addition to your regular workouts, such as modifying your diet and supplementing intelligently, the aches, pains, and inflammation that plagued you are often easily forgotten.

Our exercise methodology can be applied to any equipment at your disposal, but our specially engineered machines, clinically controlled environment, and detailed instruction cannot be replicated in a gym or at home. Many times over the years, clients have worked with us for a period of months or even years, and then decide that they want to try doing this on their own in a different setting. More often than not, they return to Total Results because they soon realize just how unique our experience is. Progress is measured both quantitatively and qualitatively, through keeping detailed records of every workout. Total Results workouts only require 20 minutes of your time, once or twice per week, but you are expending tremendous effort for all of that time, both mentally and physically. Don't take for granted that you will be able to achieve that level of effort and focus in another setting without an instructor to guide you. Some have been able to, but most have not.

Once you have achieved an improved level of strength and conditioning, it's easy to forget where you initially were. Maintaining and increasing your physical improvements requires consistent effort every week. Take the time to celebrate and enjoy what you have accomplished, but realize that staying on top is more difficult than getting there. Remember where you were when you started your journey, and keep in the forefront of your mind where you want to go in the future. There is always another mountain to climb.

Posted October 18, 2021 by Matthew Romans