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Another Insurance Policy

An objective look at what is going on in our current world will tell you that there are rising costs everywhere. This is happening at the grocery store, the gas pump, and even in the housing and rental markets. While costs are rising worldwide, it is especially true in the United States; certain parts of the country are being hit harder than others. I don't want to turn this into an economics discussion, but inflation (adding more dollars to those already in circulation) is a hidden tax on the consumer, and it lowers the purchasing power of every dollar that you have. This can affect you in a multitude of ways, but it certainly means that insurance premiums, doctor visits, trips to the emergency room, and prescription (as well as over the counter) medications will also be more expensive. Pharmaceutical commercials are seemingly ubiquitous, but I routinely see an ad for a man picking up his prescription at a pharmacy who is surprised by the soaring cost of his medication. I suspect that many people in recent months have found themselves in a similar situation, and certainly the best way to avoid that predicament is to find a way to get off medications in the first place. I recommend taking out an insurance policy on yourself in the form of lifestyle modification that includes regular Total Results exercise.

I consider our exercise philosophy to be an essential part of being on the preventative side of the health industry, as opposed to the medical establishment, which is more interested in keeping you sick and dependent. I have said this before, but current American medicine does a very good job in emergency situations. If you break your arm and have to go to the emergency room, you can feel confident that your medical care will be sound. The medical establishment, however, falls woefully short when it comes to dealing with chronic disease. In my opinion, traditional American medicine is beholden to political interests and to the pharmaceutical industry; it is far more lucrative to treat the symptoms of an illness or condition, rather than fix the underlying problem. I believe this is evident in the establishment's treatment of Covid and its variants: pushing an experimental gene therapy with no knowledge of the long term effects, rather than using common sense methods (such as Vitamins C and D) and drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which have been effective for years and have no negative side effects. In terms of dealing not just with Covid, but with any kind of chronic disease or condition, it is important to be proactive.

Total Results is your one-stop shop for stimulating physical improvements. Consider us another form of an insurance policy for your health, and we are your best layer of protection against chronic disease, injury, and many of the things that start happening to us as we age. You're worried about osteoporosis? Our exercise protocol was refined during an osteoporosis study and is the most effective way to stimulate bone remodeling. You've been diagnosed as pre-diabetic? High-intensity Total Results exercise (which involves going to muscular failure) is the only effective way to empty the glycogen that is stored in your muscle cells, which will help to restore your insulin sensitivity. You're concerned that regular daily tasks are requiring greater effort than they used to? The metabolic and cardiovascular conditioning that is stimulated by a Total Results workout cannot be matched by any other form of activity. It is truly "a metabolic experience", as long time Total Results client Dr. Matt DiLorenzo is fond of saying. Staying strong and fit will help to keep your immune system functioning at peak capacity, as long as you make the right lifestyle choices. You'll be less likely to succumb to the garden variety cold or flu (or Covid) if you exercise consistently. Finally, exercise has been shown by multiple studies to be effective at warding off depression.

If you concentrate on lifestyle modifications (including managing stress and getting a proper amount of sleep), incorporate regular exercise, and work to fix the underlying cellular problems (which are indicative of chronic disease) that you have by changing what you put into your body, you won't need to take expensive medications that often have nasty side effects. Remember, medications only treat symptoms; they don't fix the root problems that cause disease. The pharmaceutical companies are already too rich and too powerful, so don't put more money into their pockets. By making positive changes in your life and taking charge of your health, you will save money in the long run by going to the doctor less frequently, and you can purchase a less expensive medical insurance policy. No, the cost of the service that we provide at Total Results is not cheap, but it is an investment in your health. It could be the best insurance policy that you ever buy.

Posted December 30, 2021 by Matthew Romans