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Don't Expect Miracles, Expect Your Very Best

People undertake an exercise regimen for a variety of different reasons. Some may have recently had a health scare, and are urged by their physician to become more physically active in order to avoid a repeat performance. Other people do it for purely cosmetic reasons. There may be a class reunion or a wedding coming up, and a fitness regimen is a means of (ostensibly) shedding those unwanted pounds or fitting into that dress. Another class of individuals begin exercising simply because they want to get more out of life. This may entail being healthy enough to play with their kids/grandkids, travel, and be more of a participant in life. No matter what the reason is for taking an interest in exercise, unfortunately most people lack the knowledge or the fortitude to make sustained meaningful progress.

As the wise philosopher Ozzy Osbourne once said (back when he was still capable of putting a sentence together), good intentions pave the way to hell. Many believe that they are doing this for all the right reasons, but don't truly understand how challenging it is to make meaningful physical change happen. It could be that they have a low tolerance for physical discomfort, have been given bad advice, or a combination of both. They may not be willing to make the necessary lifestyle adaptations or devote the proper focus that creates good habits. Consequently, when they don't see immediate results they either take shortcuts or give up altogether. Take a look at a Planet Fitness parking lot in early January, and then go back in early March; you'll likely see a stark contrast. Some will resort to gimmick diets that do the work for them, but once they get off the diet they are typically right back where they started. Gastric bypass and/or other forms of elective or cosmetic surgery are popular, but they carry an inherent risk, are quite restrictive, and often lead to a lapse in one's lifestyle.

There is no such thing as a magic pill or a magic cure. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The commercial fitness industry is full of the latest hot trends that ultimately prove to be a waste of time and money. What most traditional doctors won't tell you is that the majority of chronic disease occurs as a result of poor lifestyle choices. Yes, some people have genetic predispositions to conditions like cancer, heart disease, and obesity, but a predisposition is not a guarantee. You have no control over your genetic makeup; after all, you can't pick your parents. However, you can play the hand of cards that you are dealt and achieve your very best self within the constraints of your genetic blueprint.

It all starts with the self, and sometimes this requires some introspection and a tough personal assessment. What is it that you want to accomplish and how hard are you willing to work to achieve it? Identify the things in life that are within your control, as well as the things that you cannot control. It is within your power to set regular bed and wake up times, to incorporate stress management techniques, and to eat a nutrient-dense diet consisting largely of single-ingredient whole foods. Do you have any control over the traffic during your daily commute? No, but you can control how you react to it, and you can also leave a little earlier so that you have more of a margin for error. Are you willing to commit your time and resources to starting a comprehensive exercise program and giving your best effort every time out? If so, then Total Results is the place for you.

Our program is not predicated upon fads or gimmicks, it's based on science that goes back more than four decades. It's not a social club, and we don't have bright lights, mirrors, music, or any of the other distractions that you see in commercial gyms. What we have is a clinically controlled environment with the finest equipment in the industry, and over twenty years of instructional experience in working with a variety of different populations. Regardless of your physical limitations (if any), we will help you to increase your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning, as well as resistance to injury. Fat loss is greatly aided by regular strength training, but is largely a dietary issue. We can teach you to make better food choices as well as incorporate time-restricted eating, which is a great asset in warding off chronic disease. Not everyone who exercises at Total Results will look the same, but everyone has the potential and the ability to be their best self. Every client has access to the same quality of instruction and equipment at our facility, but the best results occur when you make this a priority, focus, and work as intensely as you can in each workout. Don't put any undue pressure on yourself, but giving your best effort should be important to you. It all starts inside you.

Don't expect to look like the celebrities or athletes you see on TV or the internet. Chances are, they have been surgically or chemically altered. In fact, does anyone else find it strange that Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson is physically larger and leaner at the age of 50 than he was when he was a professional wrestler over 20 years ago? Something doesn't add up. Have realistic expectations and celebrate the victories of doing the right things every single day. Small wins add up to big results over time, just like the law of compounding interest. You should not expect miracles, but expect to do your very best, because that's all you can do. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Let Total Results show you how.

Posted August 19, 2022 by Matthew Romans