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June 2017

Fountain of Youth - Turn back the clock and look younger, feel stronger, and be healthier!

Is this you?

You have reached age 40, or 50, or 60. The "inevitable" signs of aging are starting to manifest themselves. You carry fifteen or twenty-five extra pounds you just can't seem to shed. The muscle definition you had when you were twenty years old is long gone. Your back hurts every time you do yard work and your whole body is sore after you play basketball with your kids. Your Physician has recommended or already prescribed medications because your cholesterol and/or blood pressure are too high. Maybe your Dexa-Scan has revealed you have Osteopenia, or full blown Osteoporosis, a thinning of the bones. You are worried about Type II Diabetes because you have been told you are Insulin Resistant and millions of Americans are becoming diabetic. You are starting to forget where you put your keys and you are losing focus at work more easily. To top is all off, Heart Disease runs in your family and you are worried that you may have a heart attack one day soon!

However, you haven't just given in to the ravages of aging! You put in some time at the gym, maybe you jog fairly regularly, and you generally eat a "healthy" diet in order to battle the incessant creep of time, but you are having a tough time just maintaining where you are, much less making significant improvements. You feel you are treading water with regard to your health and fitness.

Are you fighting a losing battle? Are these "signs" of aging really inevitable? Are we destined for an old age of infirmity and a cocktail of medications? Kept alive by modern medicine and kept moving by modern technology?

Happily, the answer to these questions is a resounding NO!

The way we age in modern society is NOT normal! Modern symptoms of aging are unnatural and perverse and are due our poorly conceived and executed lifestyles and diets.

It is NOT inevitable that you will be overfat, overmedicated, increasingly sick, physically weak, and mentally feeble.

If you live, eat and exercise correctly, you should maintain great strength, health and vigor well into your 80's and even 90's! You can look and feel how you did ten, twenty, even thirty years ago (maybe with less hair).

What are the secrets that can help turn back the clock?

The first key is proper exercise. This key cannot be overstated!

An Amazing Truth about your muscles: Every disease and malady of modern aging is related to muscle loss.

If we can reverse muscle loss, we can improve most biomarkers of health, and effectively reverse or prevent aging!

And we can, in fact, reverse decades of muscle loss with literally minutes of exercise each week!

What health biomarkers can we improve with proper exercise? Bone Density, Muscle Mass, Body Composition, Strength, Blood Lipids(cholesterol), Hemodynamics (Blood Pressure), Aerobic Capacity, Glucose control (blood sugar and insulin), and even Gene expression and Brain function.

Improving the above biomarkers through proper exercise will reduce our chances of becoming sick or debilitated with Heart Disease, Diabetes, Osetoporosis, metabolic disorders such as obesity, Hypertension, poor functional ability, reduced mental capacity and more! You will build and maintain lean muscle mass, improve your blood pressure, your lipid profile, your cognitive ability, and your insulin sensitivity.

You will look and feel better inside and out and you will be healthier. In fact, you will be physiologically younger!

The type of exercise we have taught at Total Results for over 15 years is the exact prescription needed to achieve the desired results. The brief, instense stimulus of a high intensity weight training workout signals your body's various systems to create and maintain positive, healthy states.

The second key is of course diet. We will expand on the ideal dietary prescription in a future blog post; suffice to say for now that you need to consume maximum nutritional density without consuming too much energy density. Put another way, eat what your body needs to maintain ideal muscle mass and no more.


This simple prescription of occasional high intensity exercise along with proper diet will literally reverse aging. The benefits are almost too good to believe. There are no interventions in all of modern mainstream medicine or alternative care which can achieve the same results! You would think with these kind of benefits, this prescription would be on the cover of every medical journal and be recommended by every physician in the country. However, mainstream healthcare is largely silent on this. The skeptic in me thinks this is because there is no profit for Big Pharma if you don't take drugs and there is no control by government health care if you don't get sick. More realistically, Physicians today are so bogged down caring for the chronically sick and acutely ill, they simply don't have the time or resources to explore an approach to exercise and diet like this. However, you do not have to be one of those chronically sick, diseased people. You can opt out of the system. You can get fit and healthy and enjoy the health of your youth for decades to come! Do not waste another day. Start now and discover your own Fountain of Youth!

Note: As with all of my posts, none of this information is originial. The ideas in this post come from Doug McGuff, a Physician and exercise expert, Ken Hutchins, the founder of the Superslow exercise method, and Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus and Medx and an originator of high intensity exercise. I owe a great intellectual debt of gratitude to these and other individuals for my current understanding of nutrition, exercise, health and longevity.

Posted June 24, 2017 by Matthew Romans